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IT Services Team

Charles Allen, SCIENCE IT Lead, Clemson University

Charles Allen

IT Services Lead

As the IT Services Lead, Allen advises the College on IT policies and procedures; assists with purchasing hardware, software and services; and is the College’s delegate for administrator or operator roles for resources that CCIT provides. Allen facilitates communication between CCIT and the College and advocates for the College, its departments and employees when dealing with CCIT. He is a third-generation graduate of Clemson University, the son of a Clemson professor and grandson of a Clemson research associate. Allen worked for DCIT as a student and graduated Clemson with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He joined Clemson University in 1996 doing desktop PC support for mathematical sciences.

Joe Bradford, IT Consultant, College of Science, Clemson University

Joe Bradford

IT Consultant

As an IT consultant and student supervisor, Bradford supports the College of Science’s IT needs. He previously worked at Clemson’s Charleston campus, better known as CURI, where he was the lead IT support. His experience in video teleconferencing and audio-video systems enabled Clemson to successfully launch remote classes at the new Zucker Graduate Education Center for engineering and digital production arts. He managed all IT for the Electrical Innovation Center, where wind turbine testing and electrical grid simulation is located. His support enabled operations for Vestas’ $30 million wind turbine test campaign. He also managed IT for the Warren Lasch Conservation Center, which consists of labs where restoration work is being carried out on the historic Hunley submarine.

Kevin Hedetniemi, Senior Web Developer, College of Science, Clemson University

Kevin Hedetniemi

Systems Programmer/Developer III

As a systems programmer/developer, Hedetniemi assists departments in the College creating efficient and secure data collection and workflows by designing, developing, implementing and maintaining web-based applications and the databases they leverage. A native of Clemson, he earned his Bachelor of Science in computer science-math from Furman University in 2007. He joined Clemson in 2007 working in the mathematical sciences department as a systems programmer.

Tori Kling, IT Consultant, College of Science, Clemson University

Tori Kling

IT Consultant

As an IT consultant and student supervisor, Kling supports the College of Science’s IT needs, and delegates tasks to student employees so that the college can be supported as quickly and efficiently as possible. She graduated from Clemson University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2016. She has been working at the CCIT Support Center since 2015, supporting students, faculty, and staff with software needs. Kling joined the College of Science IT team in August 2018.

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