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EDEL 3100: Arts in the Elementary School

Students dancing on dance floor in Arts and Creativity Lab Display of art Artwork by students in Arts and Creativity Lab Arts and Creativity Lab, Clemson University

EDEL 3100 is an arts course that takes place in the AC Lab for students majoring in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, and Special Education. From an educator’s perspective, students review the basic foundations of the arts (aesthetics, art criticism, and visual and performing arts) and explore the arts’ role in education, their connection to other disciplines, and their unique contribution to human societies. Through lessons involving embodied arts experiences, ‘body-on’ arts making, curriculum design, the application of digital media, group activities, and class readings and discussions, students develop artistic and aesthetic skills that will help them to confidently speak about and utilize the arts, creativity, and design as ways of thinking, inquiry, expression, and assessment with their future students.  

In EDEL 3100, students create and participate in 2D art projects, a found art sculpture social media project, digital storytelling movies, drama tableaus, movement workshops, arts critiques, and playful creative exploration.

Found Art tag

We found it, created art, and now you’ve…FOUND ART!

For example, for the Found Art Sculpture Project, students use everyday objects to create unique sculptures. Once completed, the sculptures are placed in public places to be found by anyone who encounters them. From there, they can be kept or altered and replaced in a public place. Look out for our sculptures! Each has a tag similar to the one on the right. If found, we ask that you email us and tell us about your experience of finding art at