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Arts and Creativity Lab Projects and Research

Image of Dancing Alice Research Project

Virtual Environment Interactions

A National Science Foundation INSPIRE funded research, Virtual Environment Interactions: Exploring Grounded Embodied Pedagogy in Support of Computational Thinking investigates using embodiment and virtual characters in an interactive virtual environment in order to teach middle-school students computational thinking. The Clemson University research team that includes members of both the College of Education and the School of Computing will design, develop, and evaluate a virtual environment and associated curriculum for blending movement and computer middle school girls with computational thinking.

Creative Inquiry

Arts in Education Project

This project investigates elementary school student experiences and perceptions of arts in education opportunities during an after-school program. Student knowledge in both arts and non-arts curricular content is being examined. This research asks what impact do arts integration opportunities have on student knowledge?


Perceptions on Design and Aesthetics

How do students perceive the impact of the aesthetics of a space on their learning/ability to learn? Does space affect students’ perceptions of the arts and their artistic selves? This research examines how design, aesthetics, and student perceptions affect student knowledge and perspectives on learning.