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College of Education

Literacy, M.Ed., ESOL

Program Outcomes

  • All Read to Succeed coursework completed!
  • An M.Ed. degree in Literacy/ ESOL with a certificate in Literacy Teacher and an ESOL add-on certification.
  • Acquisition of in-depth knowledge about literacy teaching and instruction rather than a general program of education that will transform your literacy teaching and your students’ literacy learning.
  • Your development as a literacy leader who can support colleagues in literacy teaching and learning, particularly in relation to learners who are at-risk or second language learners.

Program Information

Degree Requirements

36 semester hours (for any strand). Additional requirements include requisite years of teaching experience, PRAXIS exam, and other requirements as indicated by the SC Department of Education.

Course Format

Our courses are offered online. A district (or districts) may contract with us to provide blended or face-to-face courses.

Length of Program

ESOL Strand students take one course per semester and 1-3 courses during the summer. Degree completion time is approximately 3 years. Application deadline is April 1, 2019 for admission and classes begin in June 2019.


Tuition and fee rates can be found here


Investing in a graduate degree has professional and economic benefits. The tuition cost of the M.Ed. is substantially offset by future earnings. For example, in most districts, a teacher with one year of teaching experience will receive a pay increase of $5,000 or more upon completion of the M.Ed., so total cost of the M.Ed. degree is recovered in 2-3 years or less.


  • Apply online here. (Program Name: MED-LITR-E)
  • Official transcripts required if accepted
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Copy of teaching certificate
  • Statement of goals and teaching philosophy
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA in the most recent degree (undergraduate or graduate) or competitive GRE or Miller’s Analogy Test scores.

ESOL Strand Schedule

EDLT 8100 – Foundations of Reading and Writing
EDLT 8110 – Children's Literature
EDLT 8120 Assessment in Reading and Writing
EDLT 8120 – Assessment in Reading and Writing
EDLT 8130 – Instructional Strategies
EDLT 8140 – Reading and Writing Instruction and Assessment for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students
EDLT 8150 – Guided Reading and Guided Writing
EDLT 8240 – Practicum in the Instruction of ESOL
EDLT 8170 – Content Area Reading and Writing
EDLT 8180 – Organization, Administration and Supervision in Literacy
EDLT 8230 – Introduction to Linguistics
EDF 8250 – Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
EDLT 8220 – Principles and Strategies for Teaching English Speakers of Other Languages

Department of Education and Human Development
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