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Literacy Teacher Certificate

Laurie Schmotzer, Educator, 6th grade ELA, Rudolph Gordon K8

“Pursing my master's degree in literacy instruction has been pivotal in strengthening my classroom instruction and serving striving readers. Prior to this program, I struggled to understand how to best serve all my students. The strategies I have gained and implemented were the key to obtaining my National Board Certification.””

Laurie Schmotzer
Educator, 6th grade ELA, Rudolph Gordon K8
Clemson MED Literacy 2021

The Literacy Teacher Certificate allows K-12 teachers to complete required coursework for the Literacy Teacher endorsement. In completing the four required courses, graduates establish a strong basis in the basic foundations literacy and are prepared to support the reading development of their K-12 classroom students. Those completing the certificate may submit their transcripts to the SC Department of Education.

  • Program Goals

    The goal of the Literacy Teacher Certificate is to increase the knowledge and skills of teachers to improve literacy outcomes for K-12 students through best practices in teaching reading and writing in their classrooms.

  • Admission Requirements

    Applying to the Program:
    The Literacy Teacher Certificate only admits students for a summer entrance term.

    Apply by submitting a Graduate School application.

    Application Deadline:

    • June 1, to enroll in the summer semester

    Application Requirements:
    Applicants must:

    • Have obtained initial Teacher Certification
    • Submit a copy of their unofficial transcript(s), official transcript(s) will be required if upon acceptance, via the online application.
  • Program Requirements

    The Literacy Teacher Certificate requires the completion of the four courses listed below. All courses are three credit hours and are taught asynchronously online

    To gain this endorsement in South Carolina you must have:

    • All required courses for Literacy Teacher 
    • Two years of successful teaching experience
    EDLT 8100 Foundations of Reading and Writing
    The theoretical and evidence-based foundations of reading and writing processes and instruction are examined, as well as the historical progression of reading instruction, and the role of professional learning, leadership and judgment.
    <-- REQUIRED --> EDLT 8120 Assessment in Reading and Writing
    Examines a variety of literacy assessment tools and use of assessment results for planning and evaluating effective reading and writing instruction. Students select, administer, score, interpret and report literacy assessment results to a variety of audiences.
    EDLT 8130 Instructional Strategies
    K-12 teachers survey a range of instructional strategies for reading and writing and their theoretical and research underpinnings. All aspects of the reading and writing processes, assessment and instruction for diverse populations are addressed.
    OR EDLT 8370 Disciplinary Literacy: Instructional Strategies for Middle and Secondary Teachers
    Explores the history, underlying assumptions and dominant teaching frameworks associated with a disciplinary literacy approach to support adolescent learning and literacy within middle school and high school disciplines. Teachers design and enact disciplinary literacy instruction while using formative assessments to determine the effectiveness of disciplinary literacy instructional practices.
    EDLT 8170 Content Area Reading and Writing
    In-service teachers learn approaches for assessing, planning, implementing and supporting the reading and writing development of children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade content area subjects, with attention to culturally diverse populations.
    OR EDLT 8270 Content Area Reading and Writing
    Examination of theories and research related to content area literacy, as well as specialized reading, writing, discourse and reasoning within school disciplines. In-service teachers utilize a disciplinary-specific instructional framework to design disciplinary literacy for diverse students in grades 6-12.


  • Financial Information

    Tuition and Fees
    The Literacy Teacher Certificate is offered at our tier three online tuition rate - approximately $519 per credit/$640 per credit hour with fees.*

    South Carolina Teacher Incentive
    The Literacy Teacher Certificate offers a South Carolina Teacher Incentive reducing tuition by 10% for all South Carolina K-12 teachers/leaders.

    Financial Aid
    For information regarding financial aid, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

    * Tuition and fees are subject to change. The information provided on this webpage is only an approximation.

  • Find Out More

    For more information regarding the certificate or questions associated with applying to the certificate, please contact Madison Hudson at

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