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Research and Scholarship

The College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences provides integrated education, research, Extension, and public service in the grand challenges of global food supply and safety, human and animal nutrition, agricultural systems efficiency, environmental conservation, sustainable packaging and renewable resources.

Through rigorous experiential and classroom learning opportunities, CAFLS readies its graduates to assume leadership roles in industries essential to ensuring the future security and prosperity of South Carolinians and our growing global population.

david jacowski teaching a student in the midwest plains

Directory of Investigators

The following list is representative of research faculty within the academic departments, at the Research and Education Centers, and Extension Specialists.

Name Title Email Phone
Khaled Abdelaziz Assistant Professor of Immunology and Bacteriology 864-656-0493
Jeffrey Adelberg Professor of Horticulture 864-650-3011
Paula Agudelo Professor of Plant Pathology 864-656-2810
Matias Aguerre Assistant Professor 864-656-3120
Karin Albornoz Assistant Professor of Postharvest 843-402-5394
Ahmed Ali Assistant Professor 864-656-4026
Daniel J Anco Extension Peanut Specialist 803-284-3343
James (Jim) Anderson James C. Kennedy Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation Center, Director 304-276-8956
Haley Appleby Senior Lecturer
Mireille Arguelles-Ramos Assistant Professor 864-656-6969
Robert Baldwin Professor and Endowed Chair, Conservation Ecology 864-656-1776
Kyle Barrett Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation 864-656-1847
Heather Batt Senior Lecturer 864-650-5202
Gregory Batt Associate Professor 864-723-0740
Joseph Bertrand Professor 864-656-9596
Tom Bilbo Assistant Professor 843-402-5323
Glenn Birrenkott Professor 864-656-4019
Brett Blaauw Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
Luke Bower Assistant Professor
Richard Boyles Assistant Professor of Plant Breeding & Genetics 843-519-0488
Sandra Branham Assistant Professor of Vegetable Breeding and Genetics 843-402-5311
Carlyle Brewster Department Chair & Professor 864-656-3352
Erin Buchholtz Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Asst. Unit Leader - SC Cooperative Research Unit 864-656-8558
Lisi Campbell Lecturer
Michael Caterino John and Suzanne Morse Chair of Arthropod Biodiversity 864-656-3105
George Cavender Assistant Professor 706-431-3746
John Chastain Professor and Extension Agricultural Engineer 864-656-4089
Feng Chen Interim Chair of Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences 864-656-1211
Michael Childress Associate Professor 864-985-2384
Elizabeth Cieniewicz Assistant Professor of Plant Virology 864-656-6930
Alba Collart Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics 864-646-5785
Kay Cooksey Professor and Cryovac Endowed Chair 864-656-4613
Bridgit Corbett Nutrition Senior Lecturer
Sara Cothran Senior Lecturer 864-508-0875
David Coyle Assistant Professor 864-656-9766
Matthew Cutulle Associate Professor of Vegetable Weed Science 843-402-5399
Duncan Darby Professor 864-656-6937
Paul Dawson Professor 864-656-1138
Jane Dever Director, Pee Dee Research and Education Center 843-519-0464
Catherine DiBenedetto, Ph. D. Associate Professor 864-656-0296
Susan Duckett Professor 864-656-1505
Jared Elmore Research Assistant Professor 864-656-2641
Bhupinder Farmaha Associate Professor, Nutrient Management Specialist 803-284-3343
Troy Farmer Assistant Professor of Fisheries Ecology 864-656-2932
James Faust Professor of Floriculture Physiology 864-633-7227
Joanna Fiddler Assistant Professor 864-656-3397
Ryan Fiddler Senior Lecturer 864-656-3959
Angela Fraser Professor 864-656-3652
Philip Fravel Professor, Agricultural Education 540-974-1044
James Frederick Professor, Ag Science Curriculum Specialist 843-992-8077
Ksenija Gasic Professor of Horticulture, Peach Genetics and Breeding 864-656-3664
Heather Gleaton Lecturer 864-656-2139
Annel Greene Professor and Center Director 864-656-3123
Jeremy Greene Professor of Entomology 803-284-3343
Patricia Guerra Marcondes Senior Lecturer 864-650-5830
Donald Hagan Associate Professor of Forest Ecology 864-656-7333
Vivian Haley-Zitlin Professor 864-656-7716
Jess Hartshorn Assistant Professor of Forest Health 864-656-4861
W. Heaton Extension Assistant Professor
Marie Hegler Senior Lecturer
Jenna Hershberger Assistant Professor of Vegetable Breeding and Genetics 843-519-0472
Matt Hersom Professor and Director, Piedmont Research & Education Center 352-871-6307
Patrick Hiesl Associate Professor of Forest Operations 864-656-7293
Althea Hotaling Hagan Director: Online Masters of Wildlife and Fisheries Resources Program 864-656-4823
R. Andrew Hurley Associate Professor
Cathy Jachowski Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation 864-656-2849
David Jachowski Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology 864-656-2138
Bhupinder Jatana Assistant Professor- Horticulture, Vegetable Crops 864-633-9087
Steven Jeffers Professor of Plant Pathology & Extension Specialist, Ornamental Crops & Trees 864-656-7157
Dawoon Jeong Assistant Professor
Elliot Jesch Associate Professor 864-633-0874
Xiuping Jiang Professor 864-656-6932
Patrick Jodice Professor of Avian Ecology, Leader - SC Cooperative Research Unit 864-656-6190
Alan Johnson Associate Department Chair, Associate Professor 864-656-4390
Jeryl Jones Professor 864-656-2142
Michael Jones Extension Cotton Specialist 843-519-0477
Adam Kantrovich Full Extension Specialist - Agribusiness, Team Director 803-834-0019
Raghupathy Karthikeyan Charles Carter Newman Endowed Chair of Natural Resources Engineering
Anthony Keinath Professor of Plant Pathology 843-402-5390
Julia Kerrigan Associate Professor, Mycology 864-656-2640
Churamani Khanal Assistant Professor, Plant Nematology 864-656-5741
Puskar Khanal Associate Professor of Forest Economics and Management 864-656-3079
C. Prakash Khedun Assistant Professor
Kendall Kirk Precision Agriculture Engineer 864-844-3423
Bulent Koc, PhD Agricultural Mechanization and Business 864-656-0496
Stephen Kresovich Robert and Lois Coker Trustees Endowed Chair of Genetics 864-656-1194
Neeraj Kumar Research Assistant Professor 864-656-9959
R. David Lamie Professor of Agribusiness and Rural Development 803-788-5700
Lillie Langlois Graduate Lecturer
J. Drew Lanham Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Ecology 864-656-7294
Gustavo Lascano Associate Professor 864-656-1745
Dale Layfield Associate Professor of Agricultural Education 864-656-5676
Haibo Liu Professor of Turfgrass and Soil Sciences 864-506-6260
Nathan Long Associate Professor
Michael Marshall Assistant Professor-Agronomic/Forage Weed Science 803-522-1415
Hunter Massey Senior Lecturer 864-656-4056
Lambert (Bert) McCarty Professor of Turfgrass Science & Management 864-656-0120
Johnny McGregor Professor 864-650-0817
Eric McLamore Associate Professor 864-656-3250
Juan Carlos Melgar Associate Professor of Pomology 864-656-4562
Dr. Elena Mikhailova Professor of Soil Science 864-656-3535
Gilbert Miller Extension Vegetable Specialist 803-793-6614
Richelle Miller Kleman Principal Lecturer
Nickles Mirmow Survey Specialist 803-556-7113
Marzieh Motallebi Associate Professor 843-546-1013
John Mueller Professor of Plant Pathology 803-284-3343
Sruthi Narayanan Associate Professor of Crop Ecophysiology 864-656-2419
Yefan Nian Assistant Professor of Agribusiness 479-502-6270
Julie Northcutt Professor 864-656-3688
Lydia O'Halloran Research Assistant Professor
Tom O'Halloran Associate Professor 843-546-1013
Dara Park Professor in Soil and Water Dynamics 843-319-4957
Wonkeun Park Senior Scientist- Cotton Genetics and Brassica Oil Seed Crops Breeding 843-519-0473
Christopher Parkinson Professor 864-656-3058
Kelley Paugh Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology 843-519-0479
Jose Payero Assistant Professor 803-284-3343
Brandon Peoples Associate Professor of Fisheries Ecology 864-656-4855
J. Todd Petty Department Chair and Professor of Aquatic Sciences 864-656-3302
Michael Plumblee Extension Corn and Soybean Specialist 803-284-3343
Brunela Pollastrelli Rodrigues Assistant Professor - Wood Utilization and Biomaterials 864-656-3551
Anthony Pometto III Professor 864-656-4382
Dr. Christopher Post Professor of Environmental Information Science 864-656-6939
Robert Powell George B. Hartzog, Jr. Endowed Professor 864-784-7974
Scott Pratt Professor 864-656-3135
Charles Privette, III Department Chair & Professor 864-656-6247
Pedro Queiroz Agribusiness Lecturer 864-656-3250
Francis Reay-Jones Professor of Entomology & IPM Coordinator 843-519-0480
E. Jeffery Rhodehamel Professor 864-787-8360
Trevor Rife Assistant Professor of Phenomics and Crop Improvement 843-519-0460
Brian Ritter Lecturer 828-693-0259
Joseph Roberts Assistant Professor of Turfgrass Pathology and Nematology 843-519-0492
Shari L. Rodriguez Associate Professor, Human Dimensions of Wildlife 864-656-0430
Charles Rosenkrans, Jr. Department Chair 864-533-2240
Sachin Rustgi Associate Professor of Molecular Breeding and Faculty Scholar in Clemson University School of Health Research 843-519-0475
Debabrata Sahoo, Ph.D., P.E., P.H Associate Professor-Sustainable Water Resources Engineering 864-646-2145
Vidya Samadi, Ph.D., M.ASCE Assistant Professor of Water Resources Engineering
Charles Santerre CAFLS Director of Ag Policy Development & Professor 864-656-8557
Christopher Saski Associate Professor of Systems Genomics 864-656-6929
Calvin Sawyer Professor of Water Resources 864-656-4072
Amy E. Scaroni Assistant Professor of Watershed Management 843-546-1013
Patty Scharko Extension/ field veterinarian 803-726-7803
Guido Schnabel Professor of Plant Pathology - Fruit Crops 864-656-6705
Liliane Severino da Silva Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist 352-871-5830
Felipe Silva Assistant Professor of Agribusiness 864-656-5764
Nathan Smith Extension Economist 803-788-5700
Bo Song Associate Professor 843-545-5673
Alexis Stamatikos Assistant Professor
James Sternberg Assistant Professor
James Strickland Professor
Mažeika Patricio Sulliván Director, Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science
Vidya Suseela Associate Professor of Soil Ecology
Nishanth Tharayil Professor of Plant Ecophysiology 864-656-4453
Dil Thavarajah Professor of Pulse Quality and Nutritional Breeding 864-656-2607
Anastasia Thayer Assistant Professor of Agribusiness 864-656-4079
Nilesh Timilsina Associate Professor, Forest Biometrics 864-656-1305
Matthew Turnbull Associate Professor 864-656-2328
Aaron Turner Assistant Professor 864-656-9869
Skip J. Van Bloem Professor 843-546-1013
Michael Vassalos Associate Professor of Agribusiness 864-656-2439
Kristine Vernon Associate Dean of Clemson Honors College and Professor 864-656-4028
Ellen Vincent Senior Lecturer Horticulture 864-656-1342
Sarah Waickowski Assistant Professor
G. Geoff Wang Professor 864-656-4864
Hehe Wang Assistant Professor of Plant Bacteriology 803-284-3343
Brian Ward Assistant Professor, Organic Vegetable Specialist, Rice Production 843-402-5389
Patrick Wechter Director / Research Leader 843-402-5398
Sarah White Professor, Water Quality and Treatment; and Nursery Extension Specialist 864-656-7433
William Whiteside Professor 864-423-0727
Stefanie Whitmire Assistant Professor 843-546-1013
Rick Willey Extension 4-H Natural Resource Specialist 864-656-3090
David Willis Professor of Agribusiness 864-656-5790
Hannah Wilson Assistant Professor
Greg Yarrow Interim Dean, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (CAFLS) 864-656-7551
Rongzhong Ye Associate Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry and Soil Health 843-519-0494
Mohammed Youssief Lecturer 864-656-2707


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